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Preview: The Artemis Project w/Setup and Tutorial

Full preview of The Artemis Project by Grand Gamers Guild which includes setup and how to play. This is a worker placement game using clever dice mechanics, and it’s coming to Kickstarter in September 2018.

Here is the Kickstarter Link:

Review: Pioneer Days w/Skit, Setup & How to Play

Full review of Pioneer Days by TMG! Includes a silly opening skit along with setup, how to play, and a review.

Thank you to Mike “Greenie” Simpson for being my fellow pioneer, and to Allen “Assistant Director & Pet Wrangler” Wiggs for helping shoot it!

Review: Kingdomino w/Skit, Setup, and How to Play

Full review of the Spiel Des Jahres winner, Kingdomino, by Blue Orange Games. Complete with a silly opener, setup, how to play, and my thoughts on this tile laying, domino-style game!

Thanks to Robert “Woody” Woodard for letting me flip a table on him.

Review: Werewords w/Setup, Tutorial, and Silly Opener

Full review of the party game, Werewords, by Bezier game. This has the setup, how to play, and final thoughts. Also includes a dumb opener and outtakes.

Thank you to Elizabeth and Robert “Woody” Woodard, and my lovely wife, Barb, for helping with the video!

Review: Rick and Morty Anatomy Park

Full review of Rick and Morty Anatomy Park – The Game by Cryptozoic Games. This is a unique tile-laying game based on the popular Rick and Morty episode of the same name. This is a full review along with setup and how to play!

PREVIEW: Coldwater Crown: The Sea Expansion

This is a preview for the Coldwater Crown expansion called The Sea. We show you the components, how it plays, and my thoughts.

The Sea is set to hit Kickstarter in June 2018, and when it does, come back here for a link to the campaign.

Cottage Garden Review, Setup, and How to Play

Want to learn how to setup and play Cottage Garden by Uwe Rosenberg and Stronghold games? Check out this complete review which will teach you the game along with my thoughts on this Tetris-like abstract game.

Review: Noria with Setup and How to Play

Complete review of Noria by Stronghold Games including setup, how to play, and my thoughts on this “wheel” building game.

AGN is BACK!!! Best (or worst?) of the First 50 Reviews

We are launching with a revamped look. So let’s take a look back at some of the best (or worst?) clips from our first 50 videos. Enjoy!



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